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Websphere primary administrative user id does not exist in the registry

When you try to change the primary administrative user in the WebSphere Console in

Security > Global Security > Configure > Primary administrative user name

You get the following error message:

websphere primary administrative user id does not exist in the registry

This is because by default, WebSphere uses the uid property to fetch user instead of cn, used with Tivoli Directory Server. To change the way WebSphere search for user, in the same location, go to Additional properties > Advanced Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user registry settings, and replace:





Install FileNet P8 (with Composite Platform Installation Tools)

Update: This post is now super-seeded by the last version, installing FileNet P8. I will still be answering any question you might have though.

IBM came up with something that sounds really nice: The Composite Platform Installation Tools or also called CPIT. And it is true, being able to have a running platform (for test and development only) in less than one hour sounds like a dream, especially when you know how installing P8 is a nightmare. Except it never works…

And from the one hour expected, we fall back to a few days like before. It is actually impressive how many errors this thing can produce. That’s why I write this post, trying to summarize all errors that can occur.

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The VMRC Console has Disconnected. Trying to reconnect

I just got that a few minutes ago because I had to kill vSphere Client after it stopped working. And when I restarted it, I couldn’t open any console on my VMs. Well more precisely I could open them but a warning  on the top of the window was saying:

The VMRC Console has Disconnected. Trying to reconnect

Finally I figured out that I still had a process running called vmware-vmrc.exe. Just kill this process also, make sure to have vSphere closed when killing it, and then restart the vSphere client and consoles should work again.

FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) – HTTPS is required

Most of the time when I deploying a sandbox platform, I don’t bother with configuring HTTPS. I had this problem for the fist tine not long ago, because as you know, with p8 5.2, the FEM became almost useless. But I needed it anyway and had this problem:

http://hostname:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM' HTTPS is required

After some research, it actually comes from WCF which requires a secured connection to work. You actually just have to install WSE, which is the ancestor of WCF and does have this requirement. This is for test platform only obviously because of the security issue, but for sandbox without security issue, it can be nice to not have to set up SSL.

You can download WSE here, install it and just try to connect again with FEM, no need to reboot or anything