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Automated delivery of an ICN plug-in for continuous delivery

Agile is in vogue. Chances are good that your boss asked you to set up a build server to build your plug-ins and deliver them. At some point you’ll ask yourself, how do I automatically refresh the plugin on my environment, meaning without going to the ICN desktop and click the load button.

Here are 4 options, there might be more of course:

  1. Copy the jar and restart the whole web server (all of then if cluster). This reloads the plug-ins from their jars but that’s not conceivable for a production platform.
  2. Copy the jar and restart the ICN application on the web server. This also reloads the plug-ins. It’s better but still not conceivable for a production environment, we don;t want any interruption.
  3. Use Selenium and write a procedure to open the admin desktop, go to your plug-in, click the Load button and save. This is actually good, there is no interruption, just a bit boring to write and not easy to integrate to a build server (requires Selenium, running the browser…).
  4. Fake the behavior of going to the admin desktop and clicking load by calling the ICN rest api. This is what I’m going to develop here.

How does it work, the basics

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