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Get started with Selenium

Last post of a three posts series about testing, after Unit Testing and Integration Testing, let’s talk about UI testing.


Selenium is a Browser driver, basically it does what you would do if you were manually testing, i.e. clicking, looking for elements, selecting, scrolling…, except it does it alone, and can do it for hours without a break, every night…

How it works is quite simple, you are targeting DOM elements (or node, or WebElement, or any name you would like to call them) with selectors, and then you can do various operations on those like a user would do: wait for them to be present, to be visible, to be clickable, click on them, drag and drop something, enter information in a text field, …

Keep in mind that Selenium does the same thing that you would do. So if an element is not visible on the page and you would scroll to catch it before clicking, you have to do the same with Selenium, or it will throw an exception saying the element is not clickable because it is out of the view, which makes sense.

This article is an introduction to Selenium, if you want more applied examples for ICN and Dojo, you can read this post, but I would recommend you to read this one first to get familiar with Selenium.

Get started with Selenium

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