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The VMRC Console has Disconnected. Trying to reconnect

I just got that a few minutes ago because I had to kill vSphere Client after it stopped working. And when I restarted it, I couldn’t open any console on my VMs. Well more precisely I could open them but a warning  on the top of the window was saying:

The VMRC Console has Disconnected. Trying to reconnect

Finally I figured out that I still had a process running called vmware-vmrc.exe. Just kill this process also, make sure to have vSphere closed when killing it, and then restart the vSphere client and consoles should work again.

What about a virtualization server at home

Why virtualization at home

I personally think that virtualization is the absolute grown up toy, except better. When you’re a kid you broke your toy and that’s it, maybe your dad can fix it once, even twice but then what? But with virtualization, nooooo… you can break it, tear it apart again and again and it’s still there, brand new and ready to be broken again. And you won’t even get bored of it, because possibilities are endless !

It’s good to play with, to learn new stuffs, to practice, to experiment work related things, and it’s free, so why not?

What hardware to buy

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