How to not get lost in this blog

The more I write on this blog, the more difficult it gets to find information. So here is a kind of map of the most useful articles by topic. That should help you navigate within the content.

Here is all you need to know to install a fully working platform and get started to work

Want to program with FileNet or optimize your code, read this.

Test automation integrate to your build for all you Java/FileNet/ICN developments, looks interesting right?

Migrating to IBM Content Navigator and getting some annoying bugs, perhaps I had them too.

Want to create nice customization for ICN, why not use this doc to get things done faster

Struggling with WebSphere or want to automatize some task?



1 thought on “How to not get lost in this blog

  1. Naresh

    Thank you very much for your posts. I am really impressed the way you explained on each post.
    How ever, i got a requirement and have been looking for a solution since a while. Please help me if you can see a solution.

    The requirement is regarding CaseInformation widget. Filtered content items should be displayed on case information widget. Example, a case having 10 attachments but should display five out of 10 documents on Case information widget.

    I have tried below snippet please have a look.


    Self.onBroadcastEvent(“icm.sendCaseInfo”,{“caseEditable”:payload.caseEditable,”coordination”:new Coordination)}):


    However, filtered data is not displayed instead contents items of case have been displayed.


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