Make a MessageDialog larger

I’ve been really busy for the past three months but I’ll be writing again soon. Meanwhile, here is a quick tip that may be handy sometimes to make any MessageDialog larger, because default size is 350x275px, which is really not much if you have large information to display.

Use the following code just before calling the show function on your MessageDialog.

domClass.add(dialog.domNode, "largeMessageDialog");;

You will have to import dojo/dom-class as domClass of course.

And add the following code in your css file of your plugin:

.ecmBaseDialog.ecmMessageDialog.largeMessageDialog {
    height: 90%;
    width: 90%;

If you’re using this a lot, I would recommend creating a new dialog extending MessageDialog and putting this in the postCreate but that will do the trick for one dialog.

And last quick thing, if you want to pre-positioned/scrolled down the content at the bottom of the div because the bottom is more important (like success/failure…), you can just do this:

dialog.description.scrollTop = dialog.description.scrollHeight;

It has to be after the call to the show function:;
dialog.description.scrollTop = dialog.description.scrollHeight;

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