Put any window on top

Depending on how many screens you have, sometimes it comes really handy to keep one window on top of the others without spending 30 seconds for something as simple as that.

That can be a simple console/PuTTY so you can keep track of something running or a notepad to copy-paste pieces of text without switching applications every time and so on.

To do this with a simple shortcut on Windows, I’m using AutoHotkey, which over time became vital for me and for my productivity 🙂

So this is as simple as that, edit your current script:

And add the following line to add a shortcut to keep any current window on top of the others:

^+SPACE::  Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

Of course you can change the shortcut, here I used Ctrl (^) + Shift (+) + Space.

Then save and reload the script using the icon tray again. As you can see I’m also using AutoHotkey to switch my PgUp/Home and PgDn/End keys, which on my Thinkpad are awfully located and when I’m coding I’m using Home and End all the time to move around lines…

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