Recover a deleted Object Store on a P8 Platform

If like me, you are a really clumsy person, you may delete the entire Object Store on a stupid mistake. Don’t laugh, it happened to me. I was working with the FEM and I clicked without reading twice :). From the FileNet knowledge center, this is supposed to be an irreversible action. The truth is it’s not, thanks god because i could have been in real trouble! So if you don’t have snapshot of the platform before, or your backup is hard to restore, or you will loose to much data since the last backup, here is another solution.

This is a really nice trick to recover a deleted object store really easily. It can save you a lot of troubles too. It is really well explained in the link, but here is the procedure summarized.

Actually the deletion of an object store is an update like every other updates, therefore it can be undone by updating the FNGCD table of the GCD database, which store the last 100 updates. You just have to set he last_epoch_id of the line with the id 0, to the the value of the update before the deletion.

I have to thank so much my colleague for finding and then sharing this trick with me!

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  1. Rohith

    Hi..even I had similar issue and I followed the steps which you have suggested but still the Object store was not recovered. Do you have any other solution for my problem


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