Select all results in the ACCE search

Today I had a really stupid problem. I usually use the FEM or the Java API to do batch operations. But today I thought I would try the ACCE search, since it has a query builder like the FEM.

I built my search and launched it and it worked perfectly, which is great, and then I felt really stupid, looking at my browser and thinking, how the hell am I supposed to select all results to launch my batch operation. I didn’t see any checkbox in the header, nor a “select all” option. Of course ctrl+A doesn’t work, so how?!!

It drove me crazy for a while and I finally gave up and thought I still need something. Well this is the workaround I came up with. I have to stay it seems really weird having to do that, so if I missed something and this is actually doable from the UI please tell me!!!

To use the workaround, you need to scroll the list until the bottom to load all lines and these results won’t be selected, then open your developer tool on your browser (usually F12) and copy/paste this in the javascript console, then run it. It should check all checkboxes for you. I didn’t bother, it just clicks all checkboxes from the ACCE so after you did that and run your batch operation, you should refresh the ACCE so the other checked checkboxes do not mess with your settings or anything.

dojo.query(".dijitCheckBox").forEach(function(node, index, arr){;});

Again, if there is another solution please tell me and I will be more than happy to delete this post for good!

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