Stuck out of ICN, Update admins via Database updates

There are situations where you can get stuck out of the ICN Admin desktop. For instance because you change the uid mapping for the LDAP and the ID you used is not valid anymore, you should now use the email address or another field. If you forgot to add the new ID before you made the change, you’ll have to rollback and restart ICN which is not always possible. There is one way to add/remove admins without restarting.
You can update directly the database, and wait 10 minutes (the default refresh time) to get your changes pick up. The entry we are interested in is settings.navigator.default in the table NEXUS.CONFIGURATION.

This field contains a json object with plenty of information. You can check it by doing:

select ATTRIBUTES from NEXUS.CONFIGURATION where ID='settings.navigator.default'

Then when you are ready, you can add a new admin by using the following command:

UPDATE NEXUS.CONFIGURATION SET ATTRIBUTES = REPLACE(ATTRIBUTES, 'adminUsers=', 'adminUsers=NewAdmin,') WHERE ID='settings.navigator.default'

Wait for at top 10 minutes and you should be able to log in again. Then you should clean up old admins which are not needed anymore.

One thought on “Stuck out of ICN, Update admins via Database updates

  1. Andrew

    Thanks, I have been following your blog and it is very helpful. Wanted to ask one question, can we customize popup window which comes to add values to a multi valued property? I wanted to put some validations, whenever a values is added, it should be validated from database and from database it should also fetch some more values which will be populated in other fields. similarly when a value is removed, it should remove associated values added in other properties when this value was added 🙁


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