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File Tracker download directory regression

Using Workplace XT, we were able to keep the folder hierarchy of a Document within the Object Store when downloading it with the File Tracker applet. That means, if your document’s path was /Folder/SubFolder/Document.xml, and your FileTracker folder on the client was C:\FileNet\Work, then you would get your document downloaded as C:\FileNet\Work\ObjectStoreName\Folder\SubFolder\Document.xml.

That’s no longer true with ICN. Everything goes into your download folder, C:\FileNet\Work in the previous example, without creating any sub-directories. This is especially an issue if you download a lot of document and want to edit them, this folder becomes a mess, and if a lot of documents are called the same in your Object Store, then you will have conflicts.

Officially, this is because this functionality is now covered by the Sync and Share feature, which uses a client agent on Windows platform, and is embedded in mobile applications. However this does not cover Unix platforms, and does not allow using Entry Templates, which can be a requirement for your platform. That’s why we will see how to make it work in ICN anyway.

How to fix that

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