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Using an external JavaScript (not Dojo module) in your ICN plugin

Sometimes you need to use an external JavaScript libraries in your plugin, because you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Problem is that often those libraries are not Dojo modules. So how to use them in your dojo class?

Well that’s simple, dojo provides an generic script injection mechanism. Everything declared in the external script will be available in your class. Code is the following:

require(["http://host.com/stuff.js"], function(){
    // Everything declared in stuff.js is available here

You can link to an http location, or relative location into your project, for instance /application/stuff.js.

Now how to use that in your plugin? You can place your JavaScript file in another application or a CDN to refer it with an http protocole, example:

require(["http://host.com/application/stuff.js"], function(){
    // Everything declared in stuff.js is available here

Or you can leave the file in your plugin so everything is embedded when you deploy:

require(["plugin/MyPluginID/getResource/jszip/zip.js"], function () {
  // Here I can use the variable zip

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