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Drag and Drop a folder in IBM Content Navigator

Nowadays, everyone seems to think dropping a folder is somehow optional. They all have given up on the File API “Directories and System” (except Google which at least implemented it). I have to admit, I clearly don’t understand because in the ECM world, that just a must-have feature…

Anyway, since this is something our users are expecting, especially since there are used to it with the Workplace XT (via the applet), we had to find a workaround. Actually we found two which are quite complementary. One is using the Chrome Directories and System API, which really allows a true folder drop, but way better than Workplace XT since it’s applet free and therefore mobile supported. The other is supported by all browsers and requires the user to only zip the folder and drop the zip. It’ is only 1 second extra work for the user instead of the hours it would have to spend to create all the folder hierarchy manually and upload files folder by folder. This seems like a good alternative and again, it is supported by every brother.

Let’s present these two workarounds quickly. I won’t explain the whole implementation since it might get quite complex but instead, I will explain how to address the problem.
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