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How to compress an ICN Plug-in

Disclaimer: so I started this draft months ago, and apparently for months now, my main job has been taking all my time, so instead of keeping it as a draft, I thought I would just release this. Keep in mind it might not be perfect, but hopefully it can still help others. I’ve been using kind of the same process for months on production and our plugins work all fine.

Here is a long due article: how to compress/shrink and build production-ready plug-ins. The documentation is quite sparse about that, I found this forum post and of course there is the official Dojo documentation, but although it will help you build a product including what you need from Dojo, this doesn’t really explain how to build your plug-in so it does not include Dojo at all, since in our case it’s already part of ICN.

In this article, I will explain how to automate all the process using Gradle build, unlike the forum post I linked above which is providing an ant build to do this. Both are perfectly valid but as you can see in my open source plug-ins hosted in the IBM ECM GitHub, I’m fond of Gradle 🙂
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