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Dojo constraints documentation

I couldn’t find any proper documentation on the constraints object we can use in Dojo to validate Text, Number and Date field, especially for ValidationTextBox. So here is what I gather or figured out from Dojo’s code.


The documentation says “user-defined object needed to pass parameters to the validator functions“, but actually that’s not true. This actually will never be used, except if you set a pattern abeing a¬†function (this.pattern). If you do that then the pattern function you gave¬†will be called on every validation with the constraints object as parameter, which can be anything since you are the only one using it in your function. The pattern function must return a String. Of course this.pattern can also be a simple pattern as a string, then constraints becomes useless and won’t be used. Example:

this._myValidationTextBox.set('pattern', function (constraints) {
    return constraints + '.*'; // For instance my input must start with my constraints
// OR
this._myValidationTextBox.set('pattern', constraints + '.*');
// Are exactly the same, but using the combo pattern function and
// dynamic constraints you can have a more dynamic behavior

I guess this could be used for complex scenarios where validation need to be more dynamic and we on;t want to change the pattern every time. Although I’ve never got to use it.


Actually they put some documentation under the NumberTextBox documentation, so I won’t bother rewriting what they already wrote.


And the documentation for this one is here.