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Workplace XT File Type issue in ICN

This is the second post about the issue occurring when using Workplact XT entry template with ICN. We’ve seen that there is an inheritance problem in this post, we will now see that there is a problem of File Types filters. This issue needs to be addressed if you want to use the second work around of the former issue.


You’ve created Entry Templates in Workplace XT, and also created a few File Type Categories gathering several MIME Types. You’ve used these Entry Templates by associating them on a folder to use them when adding document. You restricted them by File Type Category. For example ET 1 is only for Images (File Type Images gathering image/png, image/jpeg, …), ET 2 is only for office documents, and ET3 is for every┬áking of document. That looks a little bit like that in Workplace XT:


Problem is that in ICN, this does not work. You always get the generic entry template (in my case misc doc, or no Entry Template if they all have restrictions on the File Type Categories.
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