Upgrade to FileNet 5.2.1

Here is a quick summary of how to upgrade to FileNet 5.2.1. As usual, before starting, snapshot/backup your server. Here are the main steps for a single server platform installed with the CPIT installer and where the application server has not been upgraded. If it has been or you platform is different, check the knowledge center but procedure should be mostly the same and you can use this to help you.

1. Uninstall the FileNetEngine application in the application server

Go to the WebSphere console (https://host:9043/ibm/console). Then open the applications and uninstall FileNetEngine: check FileNetEngine application, click uninstall then save changes.


2. Stop the application server and empty the cache

To stop the server, run the following command:

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/stopServer.sh server1 -username P8Admin -password ************

Then empty the cache (on all servers if several)

rm -rf /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/temp/P8Node01/server1/FileNetEngine/*

3. Restart the application server

Run the following command:

/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/startServer.sh server1

4. Run the CPE installer


Note: You have to choose the right version depending if you are using FileNet P8 Platform or Content foundation, or you will have this error:


Installers are 5.2.1-P8CPE-LINUX.BIN in the IBM FileNet Content Engine V5.2.1 Linux Multilingual (CN214ML) eAssembly for FileNet P8 Platform, and in the IBM Content Foundation Content Engine V5.2.1 Linux Multilingual (CN21GML) eAssembly for IBM Content foundtation.

Here is the whole operation in picture, click to zoom.

P8_Upgrade_521_00 P8_Upgrade_521_01 P8_Upgrade_521_02 P8_Upgrade_521_03 P8_Upgrade_521_04 P8_Upgrade_521_05 P8_Upgrade_521_06

5. Configure the Content Engine application

You can run it at the end of the installation by checking the checkbox. If you forgot, run it with:


Then, don’t open a profile but instead choose File > Upgrade profile. If you didn’t upgrade the application server, you will have only four tasks do run:

  • Choose Licences
  • Configure Login Modules
  • Configure Bootstrap and Text Extraction
  • Deploy Application

Here is the whole operation in picture, click to zoom.

P8_Upgrade_521_07 P8_Upgrade_521_08 P8_Upgrade_521_09 P8_Upgrade_521_10 P8_Upgrade_521_11 P8_Upgrade_521_12 P8_Upgrade_521_13P8_Upgrade_521_14

Then at the end you may have to start the application manually if you don’t restart the application server.


6. Check the installation and data migration process

Then check if the CPE is running by loading http://host:port/FileNet/Engine


Finally, when you upgrade to 5.2.1, it automatically upgrades data as soon as the application starts, you can check progress for this migration here: http://host:port/FileNet/AutomaticUpgradeStatus




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