Upgrading IBM Content Navigator from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3

Since as usual, I encountered a few issues while doing an upgrade from ICN 2.0.1 to ICN 2.0.3, I thought I would describe the procedure here. Also the whole platform has been installed by a CPIT installer, therefore with all defaults settings.

Before upgrading

Backup the profile you used to configure ICN 2.0.1

cp /opt/IBM/cpit/install-scripts/profiles/NexusConfig /opt/IBM/cpit/install-scripts/profiles/NexusConfigBackup

As usual, take a snapshot of your VM before you start!


Before starting, if you didn’t install you platform with the script I gave you in this post, you might run out of memory. It is best to increase the maximum heap size for the WebSphere server before to start (restart of WebSphere required). I explain how to to that in the same post.

Launch the installer (I always disable enforce to make sure, even if think it’s not useful for this upgrade)

/usr/sbin/setenforce 0

If you are running your platform on a windows server, you would need to run the configuration tool as an Admin user (Right Click > Run as Administrator) (thank you Tom).

Here are some screen shots if you have some troubles with the installer, but it is pretty straightforward.






Choose upgrade the profile


Select the profile the CPIT installer used (you should have backup it)



CMIS is now shipped with ICN, so if you want to install it now would be the time 🙂


Use Advanced


The db password set by the CPIT installer is the same than for P8Admin. If you are not sure you can check out in the profile you backup, in the create jdbc datasource xml file! Also do not check Run the script because it doesn’t work (at least it didn’t for me). We will run it manually later.


Don’t bother with test the connection it doesn’t work. It cannot find the JDBC driver, although the path is correct. Don’t worry everything will work at the end.


Run the task






Under Windows, it is possible that the configuration tool freezes and just keeps spinning but it could work anyway, llok at the log (see Tom’s comment).

And that’s all for the configuration part. Now we still have to update the database.

Start DB2 Configuration Center:

xhost +
su - dsrdbm01 db2cc

If you are running under a Windows platform, log in as a Windows administrator and run the command:

grant SECADM on database to user dsrdbm01

and adjust dsrdbm01 admin permissions as needed (thanks again Tom, see its comment at the bottom of this post for more information).

And launch the script DB2_UPGRADE_SCRIPT.sql. Be careful to take the one in the modified folder, not the one in db2 folder:

Add your DB to the list



Select the script created by the configuration tool (take extra care to use the one in the modified subfolder, the one in the DB2 folder is the original one without your information)


Launch the script


The upgrade is finished. You can restart WebSphere to make sure but Content Navigator should work right away.

6 thoughts on “Upgrading IBM Content Navigator from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3

  1. pablo

    Great job!!! congratulation for this guide and help.
    first so sorry for my english I know a little bit
    In this moment I have installed ibm content navigator 2.0.3 and working good.
    maybe is other theme but I like a guide how to install Filenet 5.2 platform in linux.
    I saw that you used Centos ? is possible working with this distribution ?
    which version ?

    the other question is : why run the query to update the database ?


    1. Guillaume Post author

      Hi Pablo,

      In you want to install FileNet P8 on a single server, you can refer to this post on how install a FileNet P8 Platform on CentOS 6.5, and this post for a few extra steps to do after the installation. The CPIT is a great tool to quickly get a working platform and it works fine with CentOS 6.5. If you want a distributed platform, I would recommend you to start here.

      I always use CentOS 6.5 for P8 and IBM Content Navigator, this is working fine with both. I can’t tell you for CentOS 7 because I haven’t tried yet. If you do let me know if you had any issue.

      Finally about the query, this is because I am upgrading from ICN 2.0.1 and ICN 2.0.3 has some new features which require a new structure for the DB (entry templates, sync, collaboration…). If you don’t upgrade, you just have to run the query to create all necessary tables but the configuration tool can do it for you. Although it is supposed to be able to run the update query for you but it didn’t work for me.

      Best Regards,


    2. Tom

      Fantastic! This helped me save time while upgrading my development machine.
      Here are a couple of notes to add:
      Windows Server 2008 r2 DB2 9.7

      • Run the configuration tool as Admin (right click run as Administrator)
      • Database upgrade script will not run.
        • Windows DB2 appears to missing a SU equivalent.
        • Issue: dsrdbm01 does not have grant rights
          • Login as Windows Administrator and run DB2 Command Editor
          • Attach to NEXUS
          • DB2 Command – grant SECADM on database to user dsrdbm01
          • Adjust dsrdbm01 admin permissions as needed.
      • Deployment Issues
        • Needed to set heap size for deployment manager.
        • Deployment tool went into never-never land and just kept spinning, but the server log showed navigator installed properly.

      I am up and running so,
      Thanks again!

      1. Guillaume Post author

        Thanks so much for all these information Tom. I’ll add all this to the post right away.

        About the OutOfMemory, this is because in my other post on how to install P8 and ICN, I actually gave a script to increase it during the installation so I didn’t have the problem. But indeed I’m not surprised it happened, the default size is ridiculously small.

        Thanks again, it’s nice to have other users contributing and I’m sure you will save a lot of time to a lot of people!

  2. jagadeesh

    I have successfully upgraded to ICN 2.0.3 by following your steps but I am facing Case Manager Desktop issues due to Dojo libraries miss match.

    Will you please let me know easiest way to downgrade to ICN 2.0.2

    1. Guillaume Post author

      I’m sorry but I’ve never done it and I couldn’t find anything about that in the documentation. I always take a snapshot/backup prior to any upgrade so I just rollback to it. You should ask the ICN team to see if they have a supported way to downgrade.


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