Create your first Object Store

After a CPIT installation, you will still have to create an Object Store in order to have a fully functional platform. Luckily, when using the CPIT installer, IBM already provides the database and datasources for one more Object Store, They also pre-set the database connection in the Administrative Console for Content Engine (ACCE). So the procedure is really easy, we only have to create the Object Store using the pre-set database connection.

Here are the procedure in pictures:


The CPIT installer already created the TARGETOSDS database connection for us.


Go on the Object Stores node and click the New button


Enter a display name and a symbolic name


Select the TARGETOSDS database connection.


Select File (except if you want to store content as BLOB into the DB).


At this point you need to create a folder to store the content on your server.


Enter the path for the folder you just created.


Add the admin group as admin for the Object Store.



Select the user authorized to access the Object Store, you can use #AUTHENTICATED-USERS if they all can.


Select the Add-ons you want to configure the database for. If you don’t know don’t worry they can be added later.


Click on Finish to start the creation process.

FN_OS_Creation_13 FN_OS_Creation_14


You should see some outputs.


This is done.


Open the new Object Store to make sure everything’s fine.

3 thoughts on “Create your first Object Store

  1. amirbarkal

    Thanks for a great article and and even greater blog!
    Small question: I’m trying to setup CPIT vm with ICN for Microsoft Office. CPIT 5.2.1 finished succesfully (incluing all pre and post tasks using your wonderful scripts) and I’ve created a new object store. However when I try to add a new repository in ICN administrator I’m getting an CIWEB1008 error (“The repository is not available…”). There are no errors in FileNet logs nor WebSphere’s SystemOut. What am I missing? Do you know how to configure a CPIT machine to support ms office integration?

    1. Guillaume Post author

      Hi Amir,
      Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. I haven’t been able to fix this problem yet… We are a few to face this. I asked the FileNet and ICN team and I haven’t got any answer yet. At this time I am using a 5.2 platform that I upgraded to 5.2.1 and others installed all components separately as in a muli-servers installation.
      Also I saw your other comment, as I guess you already know it doesn’t fix the problem either but you’re right it needs to be done (just forgot to update the post since the two servers thing in CPIT is new in 5.2.1 and that wasn’t require before).
      If one day I can pass this error I will post here :).

  2. Kevin Byrne

    Can you post instructions for creating a new Object store outside of the TARGETOSDS? I know the documentation is available from IBM, but it sucks.


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