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Install FileNet P8 5.2.1 (with Composite Platform Installation Tools)

Here is the new and up-to-date version of the Install FileNet P8 series, replacing the old one (5.2). What is mainly new, compare to CPIT 5.2:

  • Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 FP24
  • GSKit
  • FileNet Content Platform Engine 5.2.1
  • WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5
  • IBM Content Navigator 2.0.3
  • Installation Manager 1.6.2
  • There are now two WAS nodes, one for FileNet and one for ICN
  • IBM DB2 9.7 Fix Pack 8/li>

Last version was Install FileNet P8. This post is intended to help you to use the CPIT installer to install a fully functional FileNet P8 on a single server. We will see what you need to run and how to proceed. As nice as it sounds, errors are frequent so we will try to isolate all errors and see how to fix them.

This is weird, but most of the errors from the CPIT 5.1 are still present in the version 5.2.1… The only one actually fixed is the creation of the setDB2port which is not needed anymore.

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Create your first Object Store

After a CPIT installation, you will still have to create an Object Store in order to have a fully functional platform. Luckily, when using the CPIT installer, IBM already provides the database and datasources for one more Object Store, They also pre-set the database connection in the Administrative Console for Content Engine (ACCE). So the procedure is really easy, we only have to create the Object Store using the pre-set database connection.

Here are the procedure in pictures:
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What to do after a P8 CPIT installation

After a CPIT installation, you will have a few more steps to do before your platform is fully operational. If you don’t, you will mainly have two errors:

  • A user authenticated as anonymous has attempted to access a session owned by user... in the WebSphere logs, resulting to be always disconnected in TDS console, and a really unstable platform (a lot of errors in the ACCE)
  • Failed to get configuration file WcmApiConfig.properties when trying to configure the Workflow system (along with a login window you shouldn’t get)

Here are the steps to follow. Since the new CPIT installer now has two WAS profiles (one for FileNet and the other for ICN, I will add for each step if they should be executed on server A (FileNet), B (Icn), or both (AB). In the IBM WebSphere administration console:
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Install FileNet P8 (with Composite Platform Installation Tools)

Update: This post is now super-seeded by the last version, installing FileNet P8. I will still be answering any question you might have though.

IBM came up with something that sounds really nice: The Composite Platform Installation Tools or also called CPIT. And it is true, being able to have a running platform (for test and development only) in less than one hour sounds like a dream, especially when you know how installing P8 is a nightmare. Except it never works…

And from the one hour expected, we fall back to a few days like before. It is actually impressive how many errors this thing can produce. That’s why I write this post, trying to summarize all errors that can occur.

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