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What to do after a P8 CPIT installation

After a CPIT installation, you will have a few more steps to do before your platform is fully operational. If you don’t, you will mainly have two errors:

  • A user authenticated as anonymous has attempted to access a session owned by user... in the WebSphere logs, resulting to be always disconnected in TDS console, and a really unstable platform (a lot of errors in the ACCE)
  • Failed to get configuration file WcmApiConfig.properties¬†when trying to configure the Workflow system (along with a login window you shouldn’t get)

Here are the steps to follow. Since the new CPIT installer now has two WAS profiles (one for FileNet and the other for ICN, I will add for each step if they should be executed on server A (FileNet), B (Icn), or both (AB). In the IBM WebSphere administration console:
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