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Customize the progress message of your service

By default, in IBM Content Navigator, the progress message when you are invoking a plug-in’s service is always Working… However, you may want something more meaningful. Give a progressMessage attribute to the plugin parameters doesn’t work because the Request class overwrite it anyway. You have to define one of the following attribute in the messages list.

  • progress_message_repositoryType_serviceName
  • progress_message_serviceName

Here is an example:

var serviceParams = {};
serviceParams[Constants.PARAM_REPOSITORY] = repository.id;
serviceParams[Constants.PARAM_SERVER_TYPE] = repository.type;
serviceParams[Constants.PARAM_FOLDER_ID] = items[0].id;
ecm.messages.progress_message_PrimeReleaseService = "Priming " + items[0].name + "...";

Request.invokePluginService("GenericActionsPlugin", "PrimeReleaseService", {
    requestCompleteCallback: lang.hitch(this, function (response) {
    requestParams : serviceParams

Understand messaging and logging in ICN

In this post, I’ll explain how messaging and logging work in ICN and how to use them to give meaningful information to users and developers.

First, what’s the difference between messaging and logging? Messaging means showing information to the user. These information are meaningful to them and have to be shown to all users.

Logging means persisting information to track the application execution. These information are not supposed to be shown to users. They help tracking defects more quickly.
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